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The Foundation Game

A political and financial suspense series.

Brenda Kempster



Book 1

- Beginning -


The Foundation Game: Beginning


The first book introduces the characters Margo Maxwell and her nemesis Jonathan Ross in a fast-moving political suspense about criminal and unethical behavior involving Silicon Valley players, Interpol, FBI and a US Senator. more..

 Book 2

- Deceptions -


The Foundation Game: Deceptions


Featuring the characters of Margo Maxwell and her nemesis Jonathan Ross, when paths cross once again as they become more engaged in deceptive activities, taking the reader on a trail of international money laundering, fraud and unethical entanglements involving the CIA, FBI and US defense industry. more..

 Book 3

- Transactions -


The Foundation Game: Transactions


 Margo Maxwell and Jonathan Ross discover that they may have been forced into deeds affecting national security. Transactions involving money laundering implicate pharmaceutical executives and covert operations of the CIA.